What Makes an Amazing Leader? Ask for the Right Feedback!

We’re on the final leg of our journey to Leadership Brand this week.

Whew! You tired yet? I hope not, because the good stuff is coming.

If you want to shortcut the process a little, join me for my LinkedIn Live on March 28 at noon EST, where I will unpack the process in detail.

But stick with me here to get the final steps to put it altogether.

Owning and articulating a clear leadership brand in your work will improve how you interview, lead, and interact with others. It will give you the confidence you need to create the outcomes you want.

When I was a teenager, my mother would often say, “I can always ask Tray (short for Tracy). She’ll tell me the truth.”

Later in my career, I would have many individuals tell me I was a Truthteller.

Early on, I didn’t see that directly in myself, but as more people called this out, I started to realize that it was a clear part of my Leadership Brand. And, when I thought more deeply about when and how my truth-telling was having an impact, I could see that I was typically providing clarity that moved things forward positively and I felt really good doing it. In fact, in those moments of truth-telling, I was in the zone. Didn’t even realize I was doing it!

I now know – and fully own – that truth-telling is one of my superpowers!

When we’re defining our leadership brand, we have to get a little outside ourselves.

We need some powerful feedback. We need the perspectives of those who see us clearly, value us, and whose perspectives we value and trust.

So, let’s take it outside ourselves!

List out 3 – 5 individuals who know you and your work well and whose perspectives you value and trust. Grab 15 minutes of their time and get the following questions answered. Take notes. You’re being a student of yourself.

  • What do you see as my strengths? What do I excel at?
  • What seems to put me in the zone? What seems to energize me?
  • What seems to zap my energy?
  • When you think of me, what can you picture me doing well as a career?

Corporate Soldier Sidebar:

One thing you’ll notice about this journey to leadership brand: we’re not focused on what needs to get better. It’s not that we can’t improve, but improvement is always relative to a goal or a standard. We’re focused on identifying the leadership brand that is driven from who you are intrinsically, not an ideal of what leadership should be. The point is to find YOUR strengths and play to them! We can grow from our strengths!

Once you’ve gotten your feedback, it’s time to put it altogether.


Complete the following based on your reflection exercise and the feedback.

👉🏽I AM: List as many adjectives that describe you as you’d like.

👉🏽I DO: Identify as many things that you uniquely do as you’d like. These are talents and skills with your unique stamp put on them. These are your superpowers! You have many of these!

👉🏽MY IMPACT ON (others, teams, organizations, the world): Identify how you impact others, your team, organizations, or the world. You impact the world in so many ways!

There’s no magic way this must be written. It’s yours to own. It should be unique to you.

Just get it down on paper. Reflect on it. Read it over. Update it till you own it. Post it where you’ll see it as you work. This is YOUR LEADERSHIP BRAND!

Be proud of the BADA$$ you are!

And in case you need it, just a quick reminder from last week, as you take the journey from BASIC to BOLD to BADA$$:

BASIC leaders believe they have the basics (pun intended!) for leadership and that their leadership brand will unfold as they lead and will become apparent over time.

BOLD leaders know that they’re not like anyone else and their leadership brand is driven by their unique skills, talents, expertise, and lived experiences.

BADA$$ leaders know their superpowers – the unique combination of their skills, talents, expertise, and lived experiences – that makes them valuable, and they set out to reveal them, own them, and lead with them, intentionally.


Want more help finding your superpowers and figuring out your Leadership Brand? I’ll be hosting a free LinkedIn Live webinar on the steps to Leadership Brand. Click here to sign up.

PS. My Leadership Brand?

I am a Truthteller and a Simplifier. I listen for what is said and not said. I keep it real with people and speak with clarity so they can create change in their careers or their organizations.

What’s yours? I’d love to hear it. Email me at tracyj@tracyjedmonds.com with Leadership Brand in the subject line.

And if you need help with your leadership brand, click here and let’s discuss how I can help.