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Executive Presence for Women of Color

90 Minutes
August 10
6:00 – 7:30 PM ET
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About Tracy J Edmonds

A former chief diversity officer at a Fortune 30 company, I have proven experience, talent, and thought leadership to coach leaders and executives to unleash their authentic leadership presence.

Creating powerful strategic plans – like my Talent 2020 initiative that generated significant improvement in representation of women and minorities in leadership – I get results.

My unique combination of authenticity and experience climbing the corporate ladder makes me the perfect executive coach for women who are ready to tap into their personal power to create the authentic lives and careers they love.

I’m committed to bringing my unique framework, uplifting attitude, and authentic wisdom to support you.

as women of color,

we operate at the precarious intersection of being female and not white. How we show up has a direct impact on the results we’re able to achieve. Push too hard and we risk being labeled as disagreeable or angry. Stay silent and we risk our careers passing us by.

Maybe you’ve been told to “work on your executive presence” or maybe you’ve got the sense that something isn’t just right in how you’re interacting with others or how your career is progressing.

This free session is for you.

Focusing on our authentic leadership presence is the key to staying true to ourselves while showing up impactfully.


This 90-minute workshop is for women of color who want to….


beating themselves up for what they should have said.
feeling like their contributions don’t matter.
being overlooked for opportunities.


owning their message.
being heard.


Creating the career moves they  want!

You’ll Want to Be There!

What we’ll cover:

The one thing you must do to create an authentic leadership presence.
The role of Beliefs in shaping your presence.
The framework for developing authentic leadership presence.

Takeaways: You’ll learn to …

Uncover the values and intentions that form the foundation of how you’re showing up
Shift your beliefs to ground your presence in confidence.
Identify where you are on the continuum of authentic leadership presence and the steps to take for greater power and impact.

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