Group Coaching

Struggling to navigate the corporate world?

Unclear about your career purpose?

Feel that your authentic leadership is undervalued or underappreciated?

I know the feeling. I’ve been there and for many Black women, these challenges are far too real. Let’s harness the power of sisterhood to break through those challenges.


Group Career Coaching for Black Women

This 15-week confidential group coaching program is for 10 Black women who are climbing the corporate ladder and feel stuck. Together, we’ll navigate twelve powerful live sessions tackling the toughest barriers to creating the career you love.

NEW! Based upon the feedback from our last program, we have incorporated three weeks without live sessions throughout the course so you can use that time to apply what you have learned.

What is Affirm Activate Rise?

Let’s set the scene: you’re the only or one of few in the room. The insights you share seem to fall on deaf ears, until your male colleague provides the same perspective and it’s endorsed by the team as a new, fresh idea. You’ve shared your career goals with your manager only to be ignored, pacified by statements about your potential, or to have one additional opportunity for development identified. You feel the inner tug-of-war of your authentic self, versus the corporate soldier that looks, sounds, and feels nothing like who you are. You’re slowly shrinking, becoming less than who you are, less effective, more miserable.

  • You will be affirmed that you have what it takes to be successful.
  • You will be activated to make the changes you need to overcome barriers.
  • You will rise to the level of your authenticity to achieve the career goals you’ve set for yourself.

We’ll do it together in an environment of authentic sisterhood and accelerated learning.

It’s time to embrace your authenticity to create the career that you love!

This program will equip you to

  • Understand your personal superpower and articulate your authentic leadership brand as you execute your unique career plan.
  • Capitalize on change, handle pressure gracefully, and set effective boundaries and expectations for those you work for and with.
  • Ask for the promotion or role expansion you’ve earned, put your voice in the room impactfully, and lead more effectively.
Affirm Activate Rise is a 15-week program.

The first session takes place Thursday, February 17, 2022 at 3:30 pm EST.

Weekly meetings continue on Thursdays 3:30 – 4:30 pm EST.

Space is limited to 10 applicants and this workshop will not be offered again until August, so join now!

“When I reflect on my experience during the AFFIRM, ACTIVATE.RISE program, what stands out to me the most was that in order to be successful in anything you do, your AUTHENTICITY matters the MOST.

Affirm.Activate.Rise created a safe space for me to dig deep, listen to and use my voice not only as a force for good but how to elevate who I am in the world. This program helped me challenge my own mindset, held me accountable and gave me the tools to thrive in both the workplace and my personal life. I have a renewed confidence in my multi-dimensional skill set that I intend to take into 2022 and I have Tracy Edmonds to thank for it. If you’re a Boss Babe, “femalepreneur” or looking to improve your own personal brand, I highly recommend this program. 5 Stars!!”

Your tuition of $1197 covers all 15 weeks: workbooks, videos, and group coaching sessions. Additionally, you’ll have access to the entire AAR community online, as well as monthly hot-seat coaching sessions. Here you’ll meet, learn from, and be supported by other authentic Black women on the rise, our AAR graduates and participants.

The 15-week program consists of four short sprints separated by a week for application of what you learn. 

First, The Fundamentals of an Authentic Career is a 2-week sprint covering the four fundamental pillars of an authentic career. At the end of this introduction, you receive a free week to apply this foundational learning.

Next, Finding Your Way, includes two 4-week sprints providing the specific tools you need to create an authentic career. Each sprint is followed by a week to apply your insights and learnings.

We end with our Capstone module: Strengthen | Anchor | Grow. This puts the finishing touches on everything you have learned so that now you have been Affirmed and Activated, you can Rise!


If you purchase and participate in the course, you will receive one free hour of dedicated, confidential one-on-one coaching with Tracy (scheduled at a mutually beneficial time).

Due to overwhelming demand for this workshop, tuition is due upon acceptance into the program and is required to hold your spot.


I am so proud to share what the participants in last year’s program had to say about it!