As we continue our BADA$$ Beyoncé Renaissance Leadership tour (see my last newsletter ), where we’re honing a new vision for our leadership and our organizations, I want to talk about bringing a vision to life.

My mom had a lot of “sayings” or idioms that she used at opportune moments to teach lessons. One of the ones she pulled out from time to time was, “You have to break some eggs to make an omelet, Tray!”

Her point?

Something is going to need to “break” – change, be sacrificed, destroyed – to build something new.

This is a powerful lesson when it comes to leadership – and life.

Once you have a vision, the most daunting task can be bringing it to life. So much can get in the way.

Having a clear vision doesn’t guarantee …

  • Others see your vision and get onboard with execution.
  • Others agree with your vision and support it.
  • There are resources readily available to execute the vision.
  • There is talent capable of bringing the vision to life.

That’s where “breaking the eggs” comes in. Once you have a vision, what will you do to bring it to life?

Let’s get back to our girl, Beyoncé. The vision was enormous. Think about all the “eggs” that got broken.

  • Narrowing down the playlist to fit a 2 ½ -hour concert. Saying “no” to some fan-favorites.
  • Selecting only the best-of-the-best dancers. Some were good, but not good enough. Sorry.
  • Finding the right clothing designers for the multiple outfit changes that occurred. Not everyone gets to style Beyonce.
  • Hours upon hours upon hours of rehearsal.
  • Time away from family and home to deliver concerts across the world over several months.
  • Steering clear from what she had done in the past and staying true to the new vision.

To bring a vision to life, BADA$$ leaders operate with a mindset of authenticity. That is, evaluate their vision through the lenses of honesty, courage, confidence, and resilience.

Before you go out and start breaking eggs to get SH*T done, ask the following questions to maintain a BADA$$ mindset that creates success.

  • What do I honestly need (from myself, others, the organization)to bring this vision to life?
  • What is my greatest fear about executing this vision? How will I move forward through this fear?
  • What talents, skills, capabilities, and lived experiences (mine and others) will I draw upon to lead the execution of this vision?
  • What is the greatest, long-term challenge that I must prepare to navigate over time?

You know it hasn’t been a cakewalk for Beyoncé to pull off this most amazing concert tour. And it won’t be a cakewalk for you either. Your mindset will be your greatest asset in getting it done.

BASIC Leaders don’t even create a vision.

BOLD Leaders create a vision and set out to execute without authentic reflection that prepares them for the journey.

BADA$$ Leaders know that having a vision and a plan are only part of the journey. They are ready to break some eggs and they know, from authentic reflection, the mindset they need to maintain and what they’ll need to bring the vision to life.

Get your mind right. Then go break some eggs.


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