I’m back after a couple of weeks of much needed rest. As leaders, we must take care of ourselves so that we’re in the best position to give our gifts to the world.

And speaking of gifts, I had the opportunity to attend Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour concert while I was on hiatus. Now, I’m a fan, but not a “know-all-the-words-to-every-song” fan. In fact, I’ve only enjoyed Beyoncé on the radio or on social media. But I had to go to this concert. I flew to Atlanta for the weekend for this concert.


Because I know when talent, vision, and courage align, the experience is nothing short of BADA$$! (Game recognize game! Iykyk!)

And today, I want to talk about how you can channel your inner Beyoncé to become the BADA$$ leader that you’re meant to be.

The most powerful and impactful step you can take is to have a vision for your leadership and the organization(s) you lead.

Many times, when we step into leadership, our focus is to learn what we don’t know and to keep the lights on in our new responsibilities. But, if you stop there, you’re simply managing, not leading. You’re stuck on BASIC leader.

To be a BOLD, and eventually, BADA$$ leader, you must take what you learn and create a vision for the future.

If you’re going to lead, why just hang out and do what has always been done? BADA$$ leaders leave their mark.

Do you think Beyoncé says, “I’ll come on the stage and sing a few songs. Give them what they always experience.” I think not.

When I tell you Beyoncé blew our minds, I mean, SHE. BLEW. OUR. MINDS. with an experience that was like no other concert. She had a vision for what she wanted to create and bring to her audience. I can only imagine how some people, in the early stages, may have reacted to her ideas about the unique visuals, dance moves, and multiple outfit changes that varied by concert. (More on that in another newsletter!)


I must ask, BOLD Leader: Do you have a vision for your leadership and the organization you lead?

Here are three critical questions to help you work through creating a vision. Ask those who report to you, work with you, and those you report to the following:

  • What is the greatest challenge that we need to solve?
  • What’s the one thing that we must not change?
  • What’s our greatest missed opportunity?

The work doesn’t stop there.

Vision is defined in the Oxford dictionary as “the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.”

A vision requires you to bring your superpowers – your unique lived experiences, skills, capabilities, talents, expertise, and education – to bear on what you learn from those questions. Then, use what you bring to the table – your wisdom – to boldly declare the impact your leadership and the organization will have to address the answers to those questions. Align yourself, other resources, and actions with bringing that vision to life.

My vision?

All women leading in their lives, communities, and organizations.

And it’s coming to life every day!


BASIC Leaders are just holding down the fort. Nothing new to see here.

BOLD Leaders spend time learning and marrying their superpowers with opportunity. They rely on themselves and what they control to bring their vision to life.

BADA$$ Leaders (aka Beyoncé Leaders) spend time learning, marrying their superpowers with opportunity, and boldly aligning resources – outside of themselves – to bring the vision to life.

I’m down to channel my inner Beyoncé. How about you?