We’re midway through the year and I’ve got one question for you: How YOU leading?

When we started this journey together, my commitment was to get you from BASIC to BADA$$.

How are you doing on the journey?

I’ll admit, as a relatively new entrepreneur, I have my less than BADA$$ moments. I have some unrecognizable moments. In those moments, I remind myself of my purpose, values, and gifts that I’m here to give to the world. I go back to the basics.

Today, I’m here to remind you that you have everything you need to stay on the BADA$$ path.

The journey to BADA$$ Leadership requires commitment to four basic  principles:

  • Self-honesty: Acknowledging and owning the truth of our lives, who we are, and who we want to become.
  • Courage: Fear in Action!
  • Confidence: Appreciation of our unique gifts, talents, experience, and knowledge.
  • Resilience: Trust and belief in ourselves and our capabilities.

You see, the journey to BADA$$ Leadership is the journey to self – to authenticity. It’s all there inside you. No need to look anywhere else!

Check out this graphic to find out where you are on the journey and to see what it takes to get from BASIC to BADA$$. You can get a full-size downloadable version to see the beliefs and actions for each level of leadership by clicking here.

Make a commitment to put one or two things into action for the rest of the year. (I’ll be there nudging you along the journey!)

Then share your commitment with your manager, colleagues, and direct reports if you have them. Create accountability for the being the BADA$$ you’re capable of becoming.

If you struggle with how to share, try the “I’m on a Journey” approach: “I’m on a journey to be an even better leader. I’m working on _________ this year. I’d love to check in with you from time to time to keep me honest on how my journey is going.”

Sharing your journey with others is not only about accountability; it’s also about having a growth mindset and encouraging that mindset in others you work with.

This journey is not about perfection, Bold Leaders. It’s about persistent consistency!

Keep plugging away at being your authentic BADA$$ best!

BASIC Leaders think they’re fine just as they are. No need for the midyear check-in on their leadership! Their motto? “All good here! Peace out!”

BOLD Leaders acknowledge some opportunities and start working on improvements in the safety of a vacuum. Their motto? “I’ve got my little leadership secret!”

BADA$$ Leaders acknowledge their opportunities and hold themselves accountable to being better and encourage growth in others by sharing where they are on their journey. Their motto? “Let’s grow together!”