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Tracy J Edmonds

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Tracy  J Edmonds

Tracy is the author of Wild Hair, A Courageous Woman’s Guide to a Bold and Authentic Career where she shares her no-nonsense, empowering lessons on how women can use the power of authentic choice to create the career they love.

Wild Hair bookTracy is a genuine, passionate, and compelling speaker on the topics of authenticity, leadership, women and career, and diversity and inclusion.

Podcasts and Interviews

NABPAC (National Assn. of Business PACs)

Episode five of our special 5-part election series.  In this episode, we’re examining the topic of diversity and inclusion. What do those words really mean?  How can each one of us help our organizations achieve this goal?  And what benefits will success on this front provide?  Our special guest: Tracy J Edmonds.

Beyond the Crucible

From the outside looking in, Tracy J. Edmonds’ life couldn’t have been sweeter: a high-profile executive job with a Fortune 30 company at which she excelled. But on the inside, where she discovered it really counts, her career had come at a high cost because of a self-imposed crucible: not being her authentic self. So she decided to embrace both her figurative and literal wild hair — trading her corner office for a cubicle and tackling a vision that not only meshed with her gifts and passions but also allowed her to live who she truly was rather than conforming a corporate mold. She’s found her life of significance in coaching other women of color that to be the best versions of themselves, they have to be the real versions of themselves.

The Light – Community Connection Tuesday

As We Celebrate Women’s History Month, Join Us As We Speak To Tracy J Edmonds, An Authentic Leader.
Tracy’s J Edmond’s Book: “Wild Hair: A Courageous Woman’s Guide to a Bold and Authentic Career”

Tracy J. Edmonds struck out bravely into that uncharted territory in her role as Chief Diversity Officer at a Fortune 500 Company. Once she made the leap and literally let loose her “wild hair,” she never looked back.

My Approach & Philosophy

Authenticity first. Inclusion second. Courage third.

Today’s leaders have a whole new set of circumstances, beliefs, culture and generations to challenge them.

If they aren’t prepared to meet the new and emerging ways of doing business, they and their companies will be left in the dust of the ever-changing landscape.

That’s where I come in!

I bring my years of diversity, business and human relations work to the forefront to help you navigate the new ways and create your own authentic path of leadership.

It’s what I speak about, it’s where I lead, educate, consult and coach from.


Tracy J Edmonds

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Tracy’s approach to complex human capital issues in the area of inclusion, her business savvy and honest counsel (including challenging the status quo for the right reasons) allow for the organizations that she works in to obtain the highest possible return on their most valuable investment – their people.
Bradley Soto

Fortune 20 Healthcare Executive

Tracy was the leader I chose to work alongside me guiding a national corporation to achieve D&I expectations. During our time together, I admired Tracy as an expert and thought leader in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Key characteristics that describe her are authentic engagement, passionate commitment, and total dedication and belief in her work as a change agent. Her honest style and approachability position her as a great partner for executives and leaders who are serious about driving change. Tracy’s advice and consultation to me, the board, and leadership made our organization better in every dimension.
Joseph Swedish

Former CEO Anthem, Inc.

I had the pleasure of working with Tracy in her role as Chief Diversity Officer at Anthem. During her tenure, Tracy drove significant progress advancing Anthem’s DEI strategy, and I found her tenacious, experienced, and persuasive in framing out the imperative for change and assuring progress was made in achieving DEI goals. Tracy was a driven executive, a collaborative partner, and an influential presenter with colleagues, the executive leadership team, and the Board of Directors. I’d recommend her strongly as DEI leader, advisor, and consultant.
Craig Samitt

President & CEO, BCBSMN & Stella

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