Ambitious. Able.

Authentic. Actualized.

You have ambitious goals for yourself, your team and your organization.

Are you an executive trying to transform your organization through the power of diversity?

Are you a leader struggling to unleash the power of inclusive teams?

Are you a woman struggling to create the authentic career you love?

Let’s partner and bring your goals to life.


Tracy J Edmonds

Accomplished Executive. Respected Expert. Authentic Coach.

A former chief diversity officer at a Fortune 30 company, Tracy J has proven experience, talent, and thought leadership to coach leaders and executives to unleash the power of diversity and inclusion in their teams and organizations. Creating powerful strategic plans – like her Talent 2020 initiative that generated significant improvement in representation of women and minorities in leadership – Tracy J gets results.

Tracy J’s unique combination of authenticity and experience climbing the corporate ladder also make her the perfect executive coach for women who are ready to tap into their personal power to create the authentic lives and careers they love.

Whether it’s coaching an individual or consulting on diversity and inclusion, Tracy J is committed to bringing her unique framework, uplifting attitude, and authentic wisdom to support you.



Coaching for Women

Confidential, private coaching to help you achieve your greatest career goals.



Leadership Day for Women

A full or half-day session to help you address your most immediate, urgent need.




Coaching for high potential minority and women leaders to support your corporate talent development strategy.



Coaching & Consulting

Coaching or consulting to support your Diversity Officer, CEO, or executives in executing your diversity and inclusion strategy.