Wild Hair: A Courageous Woman’s Guide to a Bold and Authentic Career

Do you head to work every day feeling as if you’re living a lie, in fear of raising your authentic voice because you worry about how others will perceive you?

If you’re stifling your hopes and dreams in your career—and feel yourself shrinking—you may be ready to embrace your Wild Hair! Tracy J. Edmonds struck out bravely into that uncharted territory in her role as Chief Diversity Officer at a Fortune 500 Company. Once she made the leap and literally let loose her “wild hair,” she never looked back.

Tracy defines a Wild Hair moment as the point in your career when you hit a crossroad and ask, “Am I being true to myself? What do I really want in my career?” It’s the moment when you choose you—your authentic self.

Wild Hair will resonate with all inquisitive, ambitious, and hard-working women—especially minority women—who sit on a mountain of untapped potential. You have a unique contribution to make in this world.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t ignore your authentic voice. Elevate to that next level by following this courageous woman’s guide to a bold and authentic career today.


I had the pleasure of working with Tracy in her role as Chief Diversity Officer at Anthem. During her tenure, Tracy drove significant progress advancing Anthem’s DEI strategy, and I found her tenacious, experienced, and persuasive in framing out the imperative for change and assuring progress was made in achieving DEI goals. Tracy was a driven executive, a collaborative partner, and an influential presenter with colleagues, the executive leadership team, and the Board of Directors. I’d recommend her strongly as DEI leader, advisor, and consultant.

Craig Samitt

President & CEO, BCBSMN & Stella

Tracy’s coaching helped me develop confidence and tools to advocate for myself effectively. She was instrumental in assisting me in my decision to pursue my MBA. Her coaching helped me objectively evaluate the decision and provided me a blueprint to follow to secure endorsement from management. Tracy offers a wealth of coaching experience and knowledge to those she coaches. 

Neha Kantamneni

MBA Candidate, The Wharton School

Tracy is an authentic and thought-provoking speaker! Her conversations resonate with audiences of all tenure and business level experience. She captivates, motivates and challenges one to be their best selves, while understanding/accepting their areas of opportunities. Every time I’ve had the opportunity to hear her speak, I’m prepared to take my journey to the next level. Tracy has my highest recommendation!

Natalie Cooper

Staff Vice President, Operations & Execution