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Wild hair:
A Courageous Woman’s Guide to a Bold and Authentic Career
Wild Hair book

a guide for courageous women

I hope my story will inspire you!

Do you head to work every day feeling as if you’re living a lie, in fear of raising your authentic voice because you worry about how others will perceive you?

If you’re stifling your hopes and dreams in your career—and feel yourself shrinking—you may be ready to embrace your Wild Hair!

I struck out bravely into that uncharted territory in my role as Chief Diversity Officer at a Fortune 500 Company. Once I made the leap and literally let loose my “wild hair,” I never looked back.

I define a Wild Hair moment as the point in your career when you hit a crossroad and ask, “Am I being true to myself? What do I really want in my career?” It’s the moment when you choose you—your authentic self.

Wild Hair will resonate with all inquisitive, ambitious, and hard-working women—especially minority women—who sit on a mountain of untapped potential. You have a unique contribution to make in this world.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t ignore your authentic voice. Elevate to that next level by following this courageous woman’s guide to a bold and authentic career today.


Things I do

I offer services to help women leaders in their careers and small-medium sized businesses or teams build, become empowered in, and execute their Diversity Strategy.


Private Coaching for Women

Confidential, private coaching to help you achieve your greatest career goals.

Activation Session

A three hour session to help you address your most immediate need.

Corporate Coaching

Coaching for high potential minority and women leaders to support your corporate talent development strategy.

Diversity Coaching & Consulting

Coaching or consulting to support your Diversity Officer, CEO or executives in developing and executing your diversity and inclusion strategy.

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Wild Hair book

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Wild Hair, A Courageous Woman’s Guide to a Bold and Authentic Career